Membership Plans

Your regular payment assures your beloved pet will be rehomed through our rescue organization partners in the event of your death. You can pay this plan monthly or yearly.

Safety Net Plan

Sometimes unexpected life events happen like an illness or death, move, or a divorce. No matter what reason, we want to be sure your pet gets a new home.

A one-time fee assures that your pet will be placed with a partner rescue organization for rehoming. We arrange the best fit for your pet and take care of everything from transport to rehoming when that new home is needed now or later. Transportation is included in the pricing up to 150 miles from your location and after that distance there may be a separate transport charge that you approve. Our rescue partners work with volunteer transport organizations like, to minimize the cost of transport.

Safety Net Plan

One-Time Payment


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YOU CAN CROWDFUND THE REHOMING FEE.  You may want to reach out to friends and family to help pay the rehoming fee. For crowdfunding we suggest but there are many other such sites available on the internet. The Safety Net Plan makes a great gift to your friends and family.

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