Why not rehome on your own?

We always encourage you to try to rehome your pet on your own before contacting us, but often rescue organizations are difficult to locate, overrun with pets and unable to accept any more. PetNet has relationships with hundreds of Rescue Partners nationwide. We pay our Partners a fee to rehome your pet, which allows them to continue their work in the No Kill movement.

What does it cost?

Membership Plan (to age 65)
$7 monthly per pet or $79 yearly per pet

Safety Net Plan (any age)
To rehome your pet now or at your death, the cost is $749, payable in one payment.

What is the fee used for?

We pay Rescue Partners a rehoming fee that allows them to accept animals immediately, without having to fundraise.

What if I pay the $749 in subscription payments under the Membership Plan?

You will not owe any additional money to rehome your pet after paying that amount.

What if my pet passes away?

You can cancel the subscription program at any time and not owe any additional fees by sending a request to cancel@petnet.love.

Can I transfer the plan to another pet?

Yes in part. PetNet will credit you with one-half of the amount paid on any plan towards a new plan for another pet you own or adopt.

What if I’m signed up for the Membership Plan and suddenly need an immediate rehome?

In that case, PetNet will credit what you’ve already paid toward the $749 fee and you would owe the balance.

Can I get a refund?

No, payments are not refundable unless we are unable to find a rescue partner to rehome your pet. In that event we would refund all money paid, less a $35.00 administrative fee.

What kinds of pet does PetNet rehome?

At this time PetNet rehomes only dogs and cats, but check back with us — we may expand to other pets in the future.

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